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15/03 infos Empty 15/03 infos

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:09 pm

Italy Serie B
Bari - Avellino
Bari without Albadoro(att 2/0),Alonso(att 7/0),Leonetti(att 2/0),Delvecchio(att 5/0) and Nadarevic(att 4/0). Avellino without Masi(gk 0/0),Zappacosta(df 21/2),Massimo(mf 8/10,Pizza(mf 2/0) and Peccarisi(df 18/0)

Palermo - Brescia
Palermo without Hernandez(att 23/13 top scorer),Di Genarro(att 12/2),Morganella(df 15/1) and andjelkovic(df 23/1).
Brescia without Di Cesare(df 18/2),Paci(df 19/0),Oliveira(mf 6/0),Diouf(mf 0/0),Mitrovic(att 7/1),Mori(df 1/0) and two key players Sodinha(mf 17/2) and Caracciolo(att 24/15 top scorer).
atmosfhere in away team is bad, playmaker sodinha,best striker caracciolo and 3 central defenders are missing.. big problems.

Cittadela - Carpi
Cittadella without De Leidi(df 9/0),Di Donato(mf 14/0,Perez(att 23/3) and Coralli(att 22/5).
Carpi without Poli(df 13/0),Romagnoli(df 19/1),Pasciuti(att 15/1) and Concas(att 23/5).

Modena - Empoli
Modena without Manfredini(first gk 6/0),POtenza(df 15/0),Minarini(df 3/0) and Signori(att 17/2).
Empoli without Laurini(df 25/0,Croce(mf 27/1) and Mchedlidze(att 20/1).

Austria Bundesliga
Grodig - Innsbruck
Grodig without Cabrera(df 10/1),Schubert(df 5/0),Potzmann(df 11/0),Boller(mf 19/0) and Stankovic(first gk 14/0).
Innsbruck without Kofler(mf 19/2),Loffler(mf 12/),Hauser(df 24/1).

Sturm - Austria Viena
Sturm without Ehrenreich(df 8/0),Madl(df 23/1),Klem(df 25/0),Dudic(df 4/0) and Weber(mf 19/2).
Austria Wien without Grunwald(mf 7/2),Rottpuller(df 10/0) and Horvath(mf 5/0)

Rapid Wien - Ried
Rapid without Dibon(df 18/0) and Boskovic(mf 14/1).
Ried without Reiter(df 0/0),Riegler(df 16/0),Wiesser(mf 12/0),Zwischenbrugger(mf 2/0),Bughuber(mf 1/0),Walch(mf 20/5),Moschl(mf 18/2) and PerstalleR(Att 18/3)

Finland Liiga Cup
sjk with strongest possible squad
hjk will use youngsters and reserves that is the reason why odds are dropping so much.

Veria - Atromitos
Veria without Sissoko(df 14/0),Apostolopoulos(df 12/0),Guille(mf 1/0),Zezinho(mf 20/0),Trapp(mf 21/0),Kaltsas(mf 25/2).
Atromitos miss only Lazaridis(Df 28/2)

OFI - Smyrnis
OFI without Veron(mf 11/0),Fragoulakis(mf 8/1),Lampropoulos(mf 13/1) and Sisic(att 4/0).
Smyrnis without Kanakoudis(df 15/0),Alvarez(mf 23/1) and Diamantis(mf 7/0)

Olympiakos - Panthrakikos
Oly play semi final match on wednesday ,today little rotation but still they are better.
Olympiakos without Siovas(df 11/0),Marcano(df 4/1),Manolas(df 22/3),SalinO(df 17/0),Ibagaza(mf 9/1),Olaitan(att 16/Cool and Saviola(att 23/11 top scorer).
Panthrakikos without Koutsopoulos(first gk 4/0),Seremet(second gk 19/0),Papagerigou(df 28/0),Tzanis(att 26/5),Cases(mf 19/6) and Igor(att 26/9)

Germany 3 Liga
Erfurt - Stuttgart II
Erfurt without Mockel(df 5/0),Laurito(df 21/1),Fillinger(mf 8/0),Kammlot(att 5/2) and Tunjic(att 24/3). Stuttgart II withot Vlachimos(firs tkg 14/0),Sirgedas(mf 3/0) and Gruttner(att 27/10 top scorer).

Duisburg - Kiel
Duisburg without Ratajczak(first gk 25/0),Kuhne(df 21/0) and Dum(mf 20/0).
Kiel without Krause(mf 9/0),Linder(att 2/1) and Hebler(Att 0/0)

Saarbrucken - Dortmund II
Saarbrucken without Falkenberg(df 19/0),MaeK(mf 9/1),Eggert(mf 13/0),Kreuels(mf 8/0) and Rathgeber(att 18/4).
Dortmund II without Bonmann(gk 4/0),AminI(mf 15/1),Bandowski(df 17/1),Treude(mf 27/2) and Ducksh(att 19/12 top scorer)

Stuttgarter - Chemnitzer
Stuttgarter without KRauss(first gk 21/0),Braun(mf 28/1),Savranlioglu(mf 4/0),Engelbrecht(att 2/0) and Alvarez(att 16/4).
Chemnitzer without Hensel(mf 23/0) and MAuer(mf 10/1)

Munster - Heidenheim
Munster without Bischoff(mf 18/4) and Riedel(df 18/0).
Heidenheim no important missings

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15/03 infos Empty Re: 15/03 infos

Post by vladimirzec on Sat Mar 15, 2014 4:38 pm

awesome info, thanks a lot!


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